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Is the possibility of Steve Nash returning to the Suns as a coach or GM just a pipe dream?

It is for now but maybe not forever.

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Lately, the only time I’ve seen Steve Nash has been on TNT as an analyst and studio contributor as part of its UEFA Champions League (soccer) coverage. Steve freely admits that his first love was soccer and his part ownership of two professional soccer teams (Real Mallorca and the Vancouver Whitecaps) attest to that love.

But my first love is Suns basketball and, like many Suns fans, Steve Nash is still one of my all-time favorite players. I would love to see him return to the Valley in some capacity as part of the Suns’ organization and I’m certain that I’m not the only Suns fan who has had such thoughts.

Since retiring from the NBA, Steve’s sole connection to professional basketball has been as a part-time consultant for the Golden State Warriors. His position with the Warriors gives him a lot of flexibility and he rarely spends more than a few days a month with them, tossing out bits and pieces of advice and wisdom from what is essentially an outsider’s perspective. That was enough for him - for a while - as he initially felt the need to separate himself from the world of competitive basketball.

According to a recent USA Today/Below The Rim article, Nash’s interest in returning to the NBA world has started to grow. When the Suns’ former general manager Ryan McDonough was fired shortly before this season started, Nash’s name was mentioned by many as a possible replacement. Although he quickly ruled himself out, it wasn’t because he had no interest in the job. The timing just wasn’t right.

“Frankly, I think I would have probably really enjoyed it. I probably would really enjoy being a coach and really enjoy being a general manager. The reality is that I want to be at home and present in the largest capacity I can while my kids are at a very impressionable age. If that means sacrificing a career in the game, so be it.”

While it’s extremely unlikely that fans will soon see Steve Nash either prowling the sidelines as a coach or wheeling and dealing as the Suns’ general manager, Steve has not completely shut that door.

“I think after a few years out of the game I am much more interested and I feel drawn to it again, which is a good feeling. Every night I throw on League Pass and I am watching as much as I can.”

Although the odds of Steve returning any time soon are rather long, I would welcome it whenever it comes. I believe that having him as a part of the Suns organization - in any capacity - would only be a plus for a franchise that has dealt with so much dysfunction in recent years.

By the way, Steve’s youngest son (born in July of 2017) was named Luca Sun Nash. I can’t say for certain that his middle name has any significance but I like to think that it does.

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