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Here are the Vegas odds Devin Booker is crowned the top three-point shooter in the universe

Philadelphia 76ers v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Your Phoenix Suns will be represented at NBA All-Star Weekend.

The Three-Point Contest, brought to you by JBL, is a flawed but thoroughly enjoyable part of the league’s mid-season showcase. Of course the event should be played with one ball, where players shoot from anywhere behind the arc. They would be required to follow their own shot. Or they can bring one teammate to rebound for them. Also they should put their own money on the line to participate. I’m still working on the details.

Until that glorious day comes, it’s racks and money balls. Vegas think there’s a decent chance that Devin Booker is the best shooter in the all the land when there’s a timer and not a hand in your face when taking multiple shots from fixed positions on the floor. Just like real basketball. Oh there’s a good idea! Add a defender somehow!

You don’t have to click. The tweets just break up the text. Here are the odds:

  • Klay Thompson 2/1
  • Eric Gordon 9/2
  • Devin Booker 6/1
  • Paul George 7/1
  • Bradley Beal 7/1
  • Wayne Ellington 8/1
  • Kyle Lowry 8/1
  • Tobias Harris 12/1

If Booker captures the three-point crown he’ll become just the second Sun to win the event, joining Quentin Richardson’s LEGENDARY performance in 2005.

Can the future of the Phoenix franchise bring great honor to a once proud franchise and in one fell swoop make the professional basketball universe forget about the 40-point losses and Draymond Green being handed the clipboard? Tune in to TNT on Saturday at 8p ET to find out.

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