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Solar Panel, ep. 59: Megapod on how to get the Suns back to the playoffs

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Ever want to know what Fanning the Flames, Empire of the Suns, Locked On Suns AND the Solar Panel all think about how to get the Suns back to the playoffs, all at one time on one single podcast?

Somehow, the venerable, incomparable editor extraordinaire Tim Tompkins managed (like, herding cats) a mega-sized podcast with most of the local Suns podders all in one place.

Dave, Greg and Tim were joined by:

  • Kellan Olson, formerly of Bright Side fame and LockedOn, current co-host @EmpireOfTheSuns, found on where Kellan is also a writer and editor
  • Evan Sidery, Bright Side beat writer and co-host of the daily @LockedOnPhxSuns pod
  • Justin Nied-somethingsomething and Paul Bisceglia, hosts of the weekly @FanningTheFlames pod found right here on Bright Side

Love the picture at top. Every one of us is subconsciously thinking: how can we take the worst possible picture? Evan apparently is in Witness Protection (upper right of the larger faces), and Tim just simply doesnt wanna be there (left side of the smaller faces).

We discussed a wide range of topics, but mostly what the heck the Suns should be doing this summer to get themselves out of this eight-year drought of playoffs. Do the Suns draft a PG at the top of the draft, or keep Elfrid Payton? Do they take a big man at the top, or make a huge offer to Clint Capela? Or, do they trade the dang pick for a current star, like Kawhi or Anthony Davis?

Give it a listen. You’ll be a better human being for it.

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