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Recap: Devin Booker scores 40 as the Phoenix Suns fall to the Pelicans 125-116

The Suns started out hot but eventually fouled their way to another loss.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at New Orleans Pelicans Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The Suns came out with some energy to start this game and built a 17 point lead after trading buckets early. But they couldn’t maintain that effort as excessive fouls took their toll and Dragan Bender, Marquese Chriss and Alex Len all fouled out in the fourth quarter leaving the Suns playing small ball to end the game.

They played hard but 33 total team fouls and cold shooting in the second half eventually did them in.

The Suns started out the game shooting hot but it didn’t last as they wound up hitting only 43.3% from the field and 29.2% from downtown. The Pelicans shot 47.3% from the field and 28.6 from three.

Devin Booker finished the night with a near triple-double as he had 40 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists. T.J. Warren had 23 points and 6 rebounds with Josh Jackson getting his own double-double with 20 points and 12 rebounds.

No one could even slow down Anthony Davis as he got 53 points and 17 rebounds. Jrue Holiday added 20 points and 7 assists and Emeka Okafor scored 14.

1st Quarter

Pels win the tip and Bender gets an early foul before the Pels score 2. That could come back to haunt the Suns later.

The Suns and Pels trade baskets early. The Suns are playing well and now have a 19-13 lead as the Pels call time out at the 7:16 mark. Booker has 8 and Warren has 6. Davis and Okafor have 4 apiece for the Pels.

Warren goes down hard after being hammered on a shot attempt but seems okay.

Suns up 27-19 at 3:32 with Booker and Len now on the bench. Chriss and Jackson in. Suns with only 2 turnovers so far.

Booker goes back in. Suns lead 34-26 with 1:00 to play.

After a strong first quarter by the Suns, they end it with a 36-26 lead. Booker already has 14 pts, 3 rebs and 2 assists. Dragon Bender played the entire quarter and has 6 points, 3 rebs and 3 assist (2 for 2 from three).

2nd Quarter

It looks like the Suns are playing a zone defense to start the 2nd. Suns stretch their lead to 44-29 at the 10:08 mark after Chriss gets an assist from Booker for a wide open slam! NO calls time.

Suns are shooting 58.6% and NO is only at 44.4%

Great block by Chriss but then he picks up his third foul on offense and has to sit.

Bender hits another 3! Pels match it on the other end. Score now 47-35, Suns lead.

Wow! Booker misses a three but Jackson soars in and jams it home! Booker sits and Payton is back in as the Suns go up 52-35 with 6:33 to go.

The Suns are starting to rack up some fouls as the Pels pull closer. 55-44 at 4:54. Chriss and Jackson both with 3 fouls now and on the bench... and Bender just picks up his 3rd foul with 4:13 to go in the half.

Triano calls time as the Pels close the score to 59-50. The Suns were up by 17 not long ago. Anthony Davis now has 19 points. Booker has 21, Warren has 13.

The Suns shooting has cooled off as Pels now cut their lead to 7.

Book hits a trey and gets fouled! 4 point play!

Pels answer with 6 quick points before Booker gets fouled and hits 2 FTs.

The Suns lead 65-58 at the half.

At the Half

A strong 1st half by the Suns although they closed it out a little weak with Bender and Criss both on the bench with 3 fouls. Booker has 27 points on 50% shooting and 60% from three. Warren has 13 and Bender has 9.

As a team, the Suns started out shooting very well but cooled off in the second quarter and they hit 45.8% of their field goal attempts for the half. New Orleans also hit 45.8% of their FG attempts but shot only 23.5% from three as opposed to 60% for the Suns.

Anthony Davis lead the Pels with 25 points and 9 rebounds. Devin Booker leads the Suns in rebounding with 7 and he also has 6 assists.

The Suns are winning the team rebounding battle 25 to 21.

3rd Quarter

The Suns start out the 3rd with a sloppy turnover and a cheap foul by Len.

Len gets another quick foul and now he also has 3.

Suns still lead 71-64 at 9:45.

The shots aren’t falling for the Suns and Chriss just picked up his 4th foul. Suns now only up by 1 at the 8:00 minute mark, 74-73. Booker has yet to score in the half. Davis now has 35 as the Pels take the lead 76-75.

Suns take back the lead 78-77 but Booker now gets his 3rd foul. Book sits and Bender gets his 4th foul. 20 team fouls for the game by the Suns so far as the Pels are already in the bonus.

The Suns are playing pretty good D but Bender just got foul number 5. Len goes in for Bender as the Pels go up 83-80.

Pels now up by 6 with 3:20 to go in the Q. Booker and Daniels in, Chriss and Payton sit. The Suns FG percentage now down to 41.4%. 3pt percentage down to 38.9.

New Orleans jump out to a 91-82 lead as Triano calls TO with 1:58 to go in the quarter. Booker has so far scored only 2 points in this half. The Pels try double teaming Booker but he gets his 30th point anyway... and then his 32nd on a long 2.

96-89 Pelicans lead at the end of the 3rd.

4th Quarter

Pels score 1st in the 4th, 98-89 Pels. Jackson gets fouled and makes one of two.

Jackson follows up a Booker miss with another jam.

Davis now has 41 as Pels go up 102-94. Davis also now has 5 blocks... 1 more than the entire Suns team.

Bender checks in and quickly checks back out with 6 fouls.

And now Chriss fouls out with 8:31 to go. Pels up 105-99.

Suns are playing hard and keeping it close although they now have 27 team fouls as opposed to 18 for the Pels.

Josh Jackson now has 17 points as the Pels lead 107-102.

Two quick scores by the Suns and the Pels lead is down to 3 points.

Now Jackson goes down after a hard foul. Timeout with 5:56 to play. Pels lead 109-106.

Jackson only makes one of two and the Pels score on the other end. Len gets fouled and he makes one of two. 111-108 Pelicans lead.

Elfrid Payton hits two FTs and the Suns are only down by 2 now... but Alex Len fouls out AND gets a tech on his way off the court. Pels go up 114-110 after davis hits his free throws. He now has 51 points with 4:48 to go.

Suns have no one taller than 6’8” on the court now. Josh Jackson is playing at center.

2:37 to go and the Suns trail by only 116-114 as Payton scores. Warren has a chance to tie it but commits an offensive foul.

Ouch! Darius Miller hits a three and get fouled. Misses the FT but the Pels get the rebound and put it back in for a 5 point play.

Pels stretch their lead to 123-116 with 1:15 to play.

This game is over.

Pelicans win 125-116.

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