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Locked On Suns Wednesday: Every loss looks the same

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The Suns fell to the Cavs, 129-107, and everyone deserves a little bit of blame for how out of hand these games get.

On today’s episode, we took a look at the Suns’ 129-107 loss to the Cavaliers at home, after which Devin Booker said that the team has been “babied” and “spoiled.”

We talked about whether or not we agree with Booker’s comments, what can be done to fix this team for the remaining 13 games of the season, and what it says about coach Jay Triano’s future that this team has performed so miserably game after game.

Finally, we talked about how the Suns’ trajectory stacks up to that of the Cavaliers and Warriors, considering the Suns are playing the past two champions at home within the span of a week. What is the next step toward that championship level?

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