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Tyson Chandler: ‘Batman and Robin’ can lead Suns to playoffs

Tyson Chandler thinks the Phoenix Suns can return to the NBA Playoffs. Soon. Very soon.

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Los Angeles Lakers v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

When asked about the Phoenix Suns returning to the NBA postseason, the typical move for many fans, coaches, players, and executives is to describe what needs to happen, but not when it will happen. It’s lazy and it’s uninspired, and it encourages a lack of accountability. You probably have a guy like this at your office.

Well, Tyson Chandler will have none of it.

While Phoenix is putting the finishing touches on the worst season in franchise history (I’m well-aware the first season ended with a worse record but I’m not counting it because it was the first season) the Suns veteran big man has a message. This time, next year, he thinks we could be talking about our squad in the NBA Playoffs.

“I think we can make the playoffs next year with the proper moves, to be honest,” Chandler told azcentral sports.

“Bring in the right vets, the glue guys who can make this thing go, and you can make your move,” he said.

Chandler didn’t identify the players or types of players the Suns need. Which is fine. Because, you know, it’s not his job and there are shirts and ties upstairs that need to do a better job identifying those pieces.

He did point to the franchise pillars moving forward, though. The names will shock no one. Devin Booker and Josh Jackson.

“Batman and Robin.”

I cannot say I share Chandler’s optimism. But I admire him for saying it, and I hope he’s right. Losing at the clip that the Suns are losing is obviously unacceptable. Change needs to come and it needs to come tomorrow. Any calls for the Phoenix faithful to be patient is a slap in the face. I think Chandler agrees with me, but he said it in a much nicer way.

“You’ve got your cornerstones (in Booker and Jackson),” Chandler said. “You’ve got the high draft pick. It’s time.”

It is definitely time.

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