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Locked On Suns Saturday: Debating Luka Doncic vs. Deandre Ayton

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Who is the better prospect for the Suns: Luka Doncic or Deandre Ayton?

On today’s episode of Locked On Suns, Evan and Brendon finally put on the debate gloves for this one.

Who is the better prospect for the Suns at the top of the draft? Is it Luka Doncic or Deandre Ayton who is the prize in general manager Ryan McDonough’s eye?

We took deep dives on not only Doncic and Ayton but answered your mailbag questions throughout.

Which one fits best alongside Devin Booker and Josh Jackson? Also, which prospects in recent memory do we compare with these two transcendent ones?

Find that out plus a lot more on the top two players on our draft boards.

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