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Suns Swag: 8 weird Suns items to buy while you wait on the NBA Draft Lottery

How else are you going to spend the next 2 weeks?

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Boss says BSOTS needs some weekend content from Keith.

You don’t want to know my mock draft. We have guys who are better at predicting that stuff than I am. You don’t want to know who I think the next coach of the Phoenix Suns will be. I’ll defer there, as well.

But when it comes to bridging the gap between the end of the regular season and the NBA Draft Lottery by scouring eBay for Suns junk that you can drop a paycheck on, there is nobody better across the entire SB Nation NBA universe than me.

You may be surprised to learn that’s not a particularly lucrative skill set. It is fun, though. If you enjoy them let me know, i’ll see if I can bang them out more frequently. We used to do these weekly, but it’s been a couple years.

We have 8 this week, but there’s lots of junk to go around. Enjoy Suns Swag.

Amar’e Stoudemire Louisville Slugger Bat

This is exactly what it sounds like. I’m sure you have a lot of questions. They will go unanswered. A simple Google search does not offer any hints as to why an “Amar’e Stoudemire Louisville Slugger bat” is a thing. The first four results are links to the above auction. Number five is a story about how Stoudemire is getting into the Kosher wine game. For the STAT fan who already has everything, pick up this beauty for a $50 bill, after shipping.

1993 Western Conference Championship Tie

I see these pop up on eBay from time to time, so I suspect that I’ve shared this in a previous installment of Suns Swag. Remember the better times while also dressing for success with this necktie memorializing the 1993 Western Conference Champion Phoenix Suns. You can pick this up today and have it in time for the NBA Draft Lottery Watch Party on May 15th. The damage is $13 after shipping.

Jerry Colangelo Coin Bank

This Jerry Colangelo coin bank was given out at celebrity roast event on November 8th, 2003. The seller is actually auctioning off their entire sports memorabilia collection. There’s some interesting items, mostly Arizona stuff, so if you want to take a look click here. For $60 you can trust the process of saving with this Colangelo coin bank. I mean, after you recoup the $60. Then you can start saving.

Phoenix Suns Blood Drop Bobblehead

This is what your blood would look like if it had arms and legs and received permission to wear Stephon Marbury’s number for a Phoenix Suns game. Once upon a time United Blood Services handed these out as a stadium giveaway. Sometimes they can’t be found on eBay, other times there’s a handful available. Today there’s six, ranging in price from $15-$30 after shipping.

Charles Barkley LaserDisc

I did some research on LaserDisc for you:

  • Invented in 1958, patented in 1961 and 1990, first available in 1978
  • First release, Jaws - 1978
  • Last release, Bringing Out the Dead - 2000
  • At the height of popularity about 2% of American households had a laser disc player

LaserDisc offered better quality than its VHS and Betamax competitors at the time but the product was prohibitively expensive for many. We’ll never know if the Charles Barkley LaserDisc sold more copies than Jaws or Bringing Out the Dead. If you want to buy this as a souvenir piece, it will set you back $17. If you want to buy this to use in your LaserDisc player, I have many questions I want to ask you.

Jon Leuer Game Worn Jersey

Listen, I’m going to be straight with you. There are a lot of very cool game worn / game used items out there in the universe. And you can’t afford the vast majority of them. Hey brother, I’m not passing judgement. I’m in the same boat. But owning a piece of NBA history is possible if you lower those expectations just a tad.

Past Charles Barkley and Dan Majerle. Past Devin Booker and Shawn Marion. When you think you’ve gone far enough, go just a little farther. Jon Leuer is where you want to be. Leuer spent 67 games with the Suns a couple of years ago. Today he’s with the Detroit Pistons. But he’ll always be remembered for destroying DeMarcus Cousins with a thunderous slam that every NBA fan is still talking about today.

This piece of Suns history is $250 but the seller will hear offers. I bet they’d take less. Throw a number out there.

Phoenix Suns Ring of Honor Medallions

So I understand you probably already have a poster of Leuer’s slam on Cousins hanging in your house. And you’re probably running out of wall space because it’s probably a pretty big poster. Well then this is a good item for you.

This collection of nine medallions is missing the two newest player additions to the Suns’ Ring of Honor, Barkley (2004) and Steve Nash (2015). Still, it’s a neat piece, and it’s surprisingly affordable. There are a handful out there on eBay, with a case, ranging from $30-$50.

1974 Phoenix Suns at Buffalo Braves Unused Ticket

I love stuff like this if for no other reason than it gives me an excuse to look up box scores from games played decades ago.

Some poor soul had a ticket to attend the Phoenix Suns at Buffalo Braves game 44 years ago but their plans changed. StubHub wouldn’t be around for another few decades and New York State scalping laws weren’t terribly friendly in 1974. So in 2018 we’re left with this unused ticket.

The Buffalo Braves, a team you now know as the Los Angeles Clippers, bested our Suns 117-104. Bob McAdoo scored 33 and pulled down 12 rebounds for Buffalo. Charlie Scott paced Phoenix with 23 points.

This ticket cost $7.50 in 1974. In today’s dollars, that’s $37.90. The seller has started bidding at $9.99. It’s not a bad deal. Buy it, frame it, put it on your wall. Tell people you have over it’s from Dick Van Arsdale’s final road game. I bet you get away with the story.

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