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Solar Panel, ep. 72: Digging even deeper on Luka Doncic

The Phoenix Suns have a crisis on their hands - do they go big, or do they go Euro?

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The Solar Panel: A Phoenix Suns Show

Tim, Greg and Dave all return to talk the latest on the Phoenix Suns, especially even more discussion about the #1 overall pick — first in franchise history.

  • Significance of the way the Suns have updated their twitter profile. Does that mean they are setting us up for drafting Doncic?
  • Significance of first Suns-sponsored — through the Suns app, via Lindsey Smith — including an interview with Arizona basketball coach Sean Miller. Does that mean they are setting us up for drafting DeAndre Ayton?
  • Significance of Suns weaponizing their social media long after Espo leaves the scene
  • Significance NBA lottery teams’ GMs skipping the Final Four in Belgrade (Doncic) last weekend. Does that means teams are leery of Doncic translating to the NBA?
  • We examine the word subterfuge
  • We take, and actually answer, listener questions
  • We shout out to fans from all over the world who tuned in to the Facebook Live feed while we recorded Saturday morning

And then we get into the meat of the episode:

A deep dive on Luka Doncic with euro-insider Aleksa Zlatic, a correspondent all the way from Serbia. Aleksa, an NBA and Euroleague and overall basketball fan, has watched Doncic for years. He discusses Doncic’s athleticism, talent and x-factors, and whether Doncic can translate to the NBA.

Aleksa also touches on coaching style and the pride that Serbians feel for countryman Igor Kokoskov being the first Euro-born NBA head coach.

At the end, Aleksa admits he’s still undecided between DeAndre Ayton and Luka Doncic as the #1 overall pick this year. But he does say there was a lot more skepticism in his country over guys like Darko Milicic and Dragan Bender, but there are no such concerns about Luka.

Listen in!

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