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Luka Doncic will not work out for teams before NBA Draft

Doncic wants to fulfill his obligations with Real Madrid all the way through to a championship, which would intervene throughout the pre-draft process.

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Luka Doncic has been a very busy man. Not only did he and current Utah Jazz assistant Igor Kokoksov win EuroBasket in September, but he’s also guided his Real Madrid squad back to another EuroCup Final Four this weekend in Belgrade, Serbia.

However, this means neither the Phoenix Suns nor any other teams in the lottery will be able to see Doncic before the 2018 NBA Draft begins on June 21 due to Spanish Liga ACB playoffs

Bill Duffy, Doncic’s agent who also coincidentally represents former Arizona big Deandre Ayton, says his client’s resume speaks for itself as he told Sporting News’ Sean Deveney.

“I don’t think that will be an issue,” Bill Duffy, Doncic’s agent, told Sporting News on Tuesday. “Playing in the Euroleague speaks for itself. What he has been able to do, it speaks to both the talent and preparedness for Luka. He has had a different level of experience than most of his peers. Euroleague is the next step to playing in the NBA.”

As one general manager told Sporting News, “With the video we have these days, I know what I need to know from looking at (Doncic) against other top players. Anyone who wants to pick him is going to want to talk to him, but the workout is not something that is going to keep you from picking him. I am not sure I need reels and reels more tape here.”

Since he was 15, Doncic has been in the international spotlight. He has progressed year-by-year to the point of averaging 21.4 points, 7.5 rebounds, 6.7 assists, and 1.4 steals per 36 minutes this season.

The last known top prospect who didn’t participate in workouts to my knowledge is a fellow Duffy client, Yao Ming, in 2002 as he went No. 1 to the Houston Rockets.

Do you believe this will it affect Doncic’s stock? I do not, because Doncic is already the most well-scouted international prospect of all-time. With the possibility of playing almost 10 months straight with various activities before jumping into Summer League in Las Vegas this July, this should not be something that deters general managers from selecting him.

Expect many executives to fly over to Belgrade, including representation from Phoenix, as they take in whether Doncic will lead Real Madrid to a EuroCup championship.

Speaking of the Suns, how does the hire of his former national team head coach, Igor Kokoskov, place them in Doncic’s eyes? They have a great relationship and it likely helps their cause even further due to that connection, which could result in a situation where Duffy holds Doncic’s medical records for only Phoenix. Remember, Duffy is the agent for both of them.

After the inclusion of Kokoskov, it’s time to start paying way closer attention to the 19-year-old Slovenian phenom for Real Madrid, Suns fans.

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