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Jazmyne Weber to accompany Josh Jackson to 2018 NBA Draft Lottery

Suns super fan gets offseason invite for third consecutive year.

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Photo credit: Phoenix Suns

Jazmyne Weber will be with Phoenix Suns forward Josh Jackson next week when the team is awarded the number one overall pick for the first time in franchise history.

We must speak that possibility into existence, and the nine-year-old Weber is the one who will help us bring home the NBA Draft’s top prize.

Josh extended the invite to Jazmyne at the Ability360 Sports and Fitness Center where she thought she was attending a physical therapy appointment. She was also presented with a personalized sports wheelchair so that she can continue to pursue her hobby of wheelchair basketball.

Joining the pair on the trip to Chicago will be Jazmyne’s mother, Tordis Cooks, and her 12-year-old sister, Jhaviana Cooks.

Tuesday May 15th we’ll find out if her good luck pays off. The Suns have a 25% shot at landing the top overall pick.

Photos of Jazmyne’s invite can be viewed here. You can view a video of the surprise event here.

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