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Mo Bamba thinks Phoenix needs a player like Mo Bamba

“They need a guy like me who can change the geometry of the game.”

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NCAA Basketball Tournament - First Round - Nashville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Mo Bamba is going to a be a lottery pick in next month’s NBA Draft. He thinks the Suns would be making a wise decision by drafting him.

Speaking with Evan Daniels on The Sidelines podcast the University of Texas product gave specific reasons why he would be a fit in Phoenix. The Suns hold the #1, and #16 overall picks in the draft. I don’t think he’s talking about going #16 overall.

So, while the debate of Ayton vs. Doncic continues to burn, Bamba seems supremely confident that he can make an immediate impact in Phoenix.

“I’m not trying to be boastful of my abilities and I’m not trying to be cocky or anything, but there are only five guys in the league today that can protect the rim better than I can right now.”

“It’s very critical for them (Suns) to draft the most reliable player, with the highest ceiling, who can also make an immediate impact.”

“They have guys like Devin, Josh, Elfrid and TJ and those guys are really great at scoring the ball but they need a guy like me who can change the geometry of the game.”

That’s high praise of Mo Bamba. Most mock drafts I’ve come across have him going 5th overall to the Mavericks. We were treated to a report this week that the Celtics may be interested in moving up to grab him. Currently Boston picks 27th. The talk around the Bright Side offices is that he doesn’t fall past Orlando at 6.

These 277 words aren’t possible without Evan’s podcast so be a team player and give it a listen. There’s lots of good stuff there.

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