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Solar Panel, ep. 76: Maker of Deadpool/Zombieland talks Suns, draft, movies

Rhett Reese is a bigger Suns fan than most. Greg and Dave try not to fanboy too much

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Welcome back to the Solar Panel! We’ve got a huge two-part episode for you this week.

First, Greg, Tim and Dave discuss all the rumors floating around on Kawhi Leonard, and even Lonzo Ball. The conversation covers a ton of draft, free agency and trade talk.

And THEN it’s Rhett Reese time! For those of you who don’t know, Rhett is a long time follower of the show, of Bright Side and of Suns twitter. Oh, and yeah, he’s also made the Deadpool and Zombieland movies, among others. So, you know, it’s kind of a BIG DEAL he’s on the show. Listen to Rhett talk Suns (he’s coming around on Deandre Ayton after being TeamLuka), but also about moviemaking (Zombieland was originally meant to be filmed in Arizona; how much ad-libbing goes on comedies, etc.)

Such a fun episode!

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