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Deandre Ayton offers refreshing perspective when asked about his NBA goals

Some Suns fans are unhappy, though.

USC v Arizona Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Many Phoenix Suns fans across social media bristled on Wednesday when the probable number one pick in this week’s NBA Draft, Deandre Ayton, gave an honest answer regarding one of his goals as he starts his new job this summer.

“Definitely getting to that second contract. That’s my success.”

It’s a bitter pill for some that Ayton’s answer wasn’t some variation of leading his new employer to an NBA championship or returning a once proud franchise that has fallen upon hard times to its former glory.

But a second contract would be a success. One of multiple successes Ayton has in a Suns uniform, hopefully.

The Phoenix faithful disenchanted with Ayton neglecting to romanticize his NBA journey should save that zealousness for criticizing management who has crammed losing at historic levels down their collective throats for the last three years.

If in fact Ayton becomes a Sun he’s headed to a place that has embraced losing with more fervor than at any time in the franchise’s existence. That much losing gets you the number one pick in the draft. It also gets you answers like this.

Either way hopefully we can all agree that this is the last time for a long time that the Suns will be drafting first overall. Hopefully the days of drafting at the end of the first round hearing Suns’ picks give statements with words like “winning culture” are not far off.

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