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VIDEO: Igor Kokoskov on Jim Rome - ‘You can win or lose, nothing in between’

Nothing in between. The tanking is done. We are done with the tanking.

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Utah Jazz v Houston Rockets - Game Two Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

A month into his new gig, Phoenix Suns head coach Igor Kokoskov is saying all the right things.

That’s in the opinion of this author, anyway. Kokoskov was on the Jim Rome Show this week, and shared a very elementary yet very refreshing take regarding his approach to the game.

“You can win or lose, nothing in between,” Kokoskov said.

Yes I know, you read that in the headline.

Dismiss Igor’s statement as coach-speak if you want, it’s possible that’s all it is. But I am going to treat this has a welcome introduction back into a basketball universe where wins and losses actually matter, and the Suns are not normalizing losing.

I want to go decades before I hear the words “reverse standings” again as it relates to my team.

There’s more to enjoy between Kokoskov and Rome, including whether he feels extra pressure being the first NBA head coach born and raised outside of North America. Give it a listen.

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