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Top 5 Suns Shorts of All-Time and Other Random Things

In this week’s #BSoftheSuns, Espo turns to the mailbag and answers your random questions

2018 JBL Three-Point Contest Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Remember in the 1990s when shows like Friends, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Boy Meets World would do a show that felt like it was a new episode but it turned out to be a flimsy plot designed simply to show clips from previous episodes? The “Clips Show” concept was created for a few reasons, mainly because the writers were tired and lacking creativity but still wanted to get credit for handing in something “new”.

You know what the sports columnist version of that is? A mailbag. As someone who has a 20 month old daughter at home, a full time gig and some side projects, I completely understand where those 1990s sitcom writers were coming from.

So without further ado, here’s the first of what I can only imagine will be many #BSoftheSuns mailbag.

This are real questions from real readers (or at least I assume they can read).

Got me a pair of @Suns shorts today.

— Chris Baker (@ToonArmySun) July 24, 2018

So it’s not exactly a question to start off with but one of my favorite fellow Suns fans on Twitter to follow, Chris Baker, post a picture of his new Mitchell and Ness authentic 1991-92 purple Suns shorts. The post got me, and admitted uniform nerd, to start thinking.

While jersey have gotten more than their fair share of top 10 lists and definitive rankings, shorts always get treated like George Costanza on a second date. That ends today with “Espo’s Top 5 All-Time Suns Shorts”.

No. 5: Mid 2000s Purple Shorts

While the jerseys in this set where the most bland in Suns history — don’t @ me — the shorts with the number on one side and the sunburst on the other were unique and had character. If it weren’t for the grey panel on the side, they’d be ranked even higher

No. 4: 2017-18 City Edition Shorts

Originally I wasn’t sold on a purple on purple look as it evoked images of Grimace. That said, the first time I saw them in person, they won me over. They’re proof there is no such thing as too much purple.

No. 3: Original White Sunburst Shorts

They’re clean, they’re classic and they scream Phoenix.

No. 2: 2015 PHX Rising Grey Shorts

These weren’t most people’s favorite uniforms but the shorts were sharp. The grey shorts with black sunburst outlined in orange harken back to the original shorts but with a different color pallet. They also are a homage to the Phoenix Giants who won the first title in Phoenix history.

No. 1: Original Purple Sunburst Shorts

There is no doubt they are the all-time greatest. The purple, the orange and the sunburst are what the Suns are all about.

Dishonorable Mention: 1990s Shorts

While the jerseys of that era were the best, the shorts were some of the worst. They’re bland and uninspired. Which is a shame.

It’s about as high as the number of games that Brandon Knight and Eric Bledsoe played combined. Right now it feels like a 3% chance. It makes sense for them to knock on the Clippers door and see what it would cost to get Patrick Beverley. He fills the defensive need next to Booker, is relatively cheap at $5 million and is on an expiring deal keeping the team’s cap flexibility.

With Knight coming off of such a horrible injury it’s dangerous to go all in on him. If he isn’t fully recovered, you risk a season of Shaq Harrison and Ellie Okobo as your point guards. A huge risk for a team hoping to take a big step forward. Last season proved just how bad things can be when you don’t have a capable distributor playing major minutes.

Way too early to call. We don’t know what Dragan Bender or Marquese Chriss will do this season. There is still a chance that one of them takes the next step in their career and can provide valuable minutes for a team trying to make the playoffs. Sure, it’s a long shot but we just don’t know. The other factor is, the chances that a true max player wants to sign here next offseason is going to depend almost fully on how the Suns improve this season. There may not be a need to free up the space. No reason to cut bait on guys unless there is someone better to add.

How likely do you think a star player will sign in Phoenix next year? Are fans too optimistic? - @fishnfreak101

First off, Fish N Freak? Is this some kind of Aquaman fan fiction kind of account?

Anyways, let’s be honest, NBA stars treat Phoenix the way I treat Hulu. Love the free 7 day trial but when it comes time to committing long term I go with another option.

The Suns have to prove on the court that they’re improved and off it they have to show that they’ve moved past alienating players. If they can’t do those two things convincingly this season, they’re not going to be a destination for big name free agents. There are far too many teams, many in better situations, that will have enough cap space to sign players to max offers.

I do, however, like fans optimism. It’s been far too long that we’ve all gone without feeling some positivity about the organization we root for. I just think it’s a season too early.

This offseason Devin Booker laid the groundwork of goodwill by signing a five year extension with no out. That kind of loyalty to the team will speak volumes to other stars. Then add in the fact that he’ll be with the best the league has to offer at Team USA camp this week and you have a recipe for success. If a Star is going to come in free agency it’ll likely be in the summer of 2020 but that doesn’t mean the next disgruntled super star to demand a trade couldn’t wind up in the 602.