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Locked On Suns Thursday: Mikal Bridges’ future and more with Michael Pina of Vice Sports

We discuss the promise of the 22-year-old and potentially underrated Mikal Bridges with Pina, who recently wrote about the Suns’ first-round draft pick.

On today’s episode, the focus is Mikal Bridges and the spot he holds in the future of the Phoenix Suns. Our guest, Michael Pina, recently wrote about Bridges and came on to talk about what type of player he can become.

Coming out of college, the only knock on Bridges was that he was older than the rest of his class and perhaps close to a finished product.

Pina’s story runs opposite of that theory, showing the drive Bridges has had since high school to develop into one of the best shooters in college basketball and a premier draft prospect.

We discuss the story, as well as Pina’s thoughts on how the Suns stack up with the rest of the NBA’s young teams.

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