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Open Thread: Summer Suns, game TWO: #1 Ayton vs. #2 Bagley... it’s ON... ESPN at 4:30

While last night was a bit anticlimactic, with #3 pick Luka Doncic sitting out due to contract issues overseas, today’s matchup on ESPN should be a barnburner.

Today we get to watch the Summer Kings, featuring Marvin Bagley III and redshirt rookie Harry Giles and second year players Justin Jackson and Frank Mason III. Nigel Hayes is also on Sac’s roster.

Remember when Bagley was pissed that the Suns decided on Ayton so quickly in the process, and he had to settle for #2 at best?

Yeah me too.

“It’s kind of hard for me to say that I’m not the best player in the draft,” the forward out of Duke said in Sacramento on June 11. “I mean that in the most humble way possible, but it’s the type of competitive spirit that I have.”

He said very much the same in Phoenix. Didn’t like the fact that everyone “knew” he had an uphill battle to the top pick.

Bagley had an up and down start in SL, with one good performance and pair of bad ones. INnhis last start, he took only two shots and grabbed one rebound.

Harry Giles has been good and bad as well, though he is making a difference on defense according to this article.

“Toughness is something I’m going to bring every day,” Giles said, per Jones. “I’m always going to bring that fight, that grit because I’m never going to let another man feel like he’s got an advantage over me. That’s never going to happen, especially in a basketball game. No way.”

Giles was once considered the best high school prospect in the country, before he went to Duke and Marvin Bagley took that mantle.

Now they face the Suns.

Deandre Ayton had 10/8/1 line in his opener, with Davon Reed, Elie Okobo and Mikal Bridges leading the way offensively.

Look for Ayton and Josh Jackson to try to rebound for better games today.

It’s on ESPN at 4:30

Let’s roll!