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Locked On Suns Friday: Talking Suns with Shaun Al-Shatti, a Suns fan and Senior Editor of

Shaun stops by for a wide-ranging chat with Evan that started with the Phoenix Suns’ bright future, then ended up envisioning LeBron James in the octagon. This was a fun one!

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On today’s episode, we have a special co-host with Evan as’s Shaun Al-Shatti joins for a wide-ranging chat on the Phoenix Suns. We have had this in the works for the past few weeks and finally got around to recording together.

Shaun, who grew up a Suns fan, stops by to talk about how this offseason went in his eyes alongside plenty of rapid fire topics on how he views their young core led by Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton.

How does he feel Ryan McDonough has done putting together this roster? What about the Trevor Ariza signing for 1-year, $15 million? Just how high is Booker’s ceiling with all the additional talent and spacing surrounding him? Is T.J. Warren being underrated by the majority of the fan base?

This, plus plenty more, was talked about during the first 30 minutes of the episode before we went into MMA for the last portion of today’s show.

What if LeBron James dedicated his entire career to mixed martial arts instead of NBA? Would he have been the greatest fighter of all time?

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