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Solar Panel, ep. 83: Where we give a big fat D to certain offseason review shows

Tim, Dave and Greg break down last week’s Phoenix Suns stories, including Canaan’s contract and dueling offseason reviews from the national stage

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On this week’s episode of herding cats, we discuss the national media’s continued disinterest in all things Suns, including the potentiality of the Suns making dramatic improvements next season.

Tim, Greg and Dave give their takes on dueling offseason reviews of the Phoenix Suns:

Nate Duncan’s abject hatred of the Suns — including their D review of the offseason moves — versus former Cavs GM David Griffin’s love of the Suns offseason. Duncan doesn’t like the Deandre Ayton pick, the Bridges trade, the Devin Booker extension, or the Jared Dudley trade, or really anything else the Suns did except the hiring of Igor Kokoskov.

Hint: we don’t like the Dunc’d On analysis...

Before that, we start the episode by arguing the big question.

What is more likely to happen this year: Mikal Bridges win Rookie of the Year, or Igor Kokoskov win Coach of the Year? Of course, neither is going to happen, so Dave argues along the lines of who would get the most votes/recognition in a vote. Greg bets Dave dinner on who’s more right.

And that’s not all. Oh no, that is not all. Are the Suns off the market for point guards now that they’ve re-signed Isaiah Canaan? What does Canaan bring the Suns? We even pimp some of the other Suns pods!

We cover so many more topics on the Suns, and even include a little bit of.... wait for it... analysis.

Listen in to the Solar Panel right here!

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