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Raising Arizona! Ayton, Booker and Jackson — get it right here

The Phoenix Suns have their core for the future in place and it starts with Jackson, Ayton and Booker.

Maybe I’m desperate for a good story.

Maybe I’m an optimist at heart behind all this jaded fandom that comes with covering an 8-year loser.

But I cannot quell the optimism I’m feeling for these Phoenix Suns and this young roster that just needs to grow together.

Get your piece of history right here on a T-Shirt, exclusively designed for Bright Side fans.

Click here: RAISING ARIZONA T-Shirt

The young core of the team now is Josh Jackson (I still prefer the longer hair so that’s what we’re using), Deandre Ayton and Devin Booker.

The shirt is the softest you’ll ever own. The design is hot. I mean, it even makes ME look, well, better than I otherwise would.

It fits well. The sleeves are the right length (none of that cap-sleeve feeling). The collar doesn’t choke you.

Exclusive for BRIGHT SIDE

This shirt design was made exclusively for Bright Side of the Sun! You won’t find this shirt offered anywhere but here and the BreakingT website. The shirt is fully NBPA approved.

The dark days are over. The Sun is rising. Time for all Suns fans to come out of the woodwork and rock the Suns colors and young stars!

Just imagine walking down the street, or going to a game this year, and seeing another Suns fans wearing this shirt! Instant ice breaker!

Not only are the T-shirts cool looking, but the material is primo. I mean, seriously excellent! These are the SOFTEST T-shirts I’ve ever owned. By far. And everyone else have said the same. They are extremely durable too. The screen print doesn’t fade over time like a lot of the team-oriented team knockoffs you might find.

We’ve sold nearly a 100 of these so far, and frankly there should be a lot more than 100 out there when I go to the games this year!

Click here to get it: RAISING ARIZONA T-shirt

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