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New Deandre Ayton bobblehead available for pre-order

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Thematic bases are the way to go.

If you were among the many who missed out on Deandre Ayton Bobblehead Night when your Suns hosted the Philadelphia 76ers on January 2nd, rest easy. The fine people at can help make your office desk a little less dull.

The handcrafted and hand painted “Deandre Ayton Phoenix Suns NBA Rookie Thematic Base Bobblehead” is available for pre-order. Items are guaranteed to be shipped by May 24th, or about a month before we’ll learn who wins Rookie of the Year.

If you’re a terrible Suns fan, Luka Doncic is available as well.

If you’re an even worse Suns fan you can grab Trae Young or Marvin Bagley III.

And for no reason at’s Kemba Walker.

Looks like a good product, Suns fans. Follow FOCO on Twitter at @FOCOusa.