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Locked On Suns Monday: No new deal for Dario Saric as NBA extension deadline comes and goes

How do today’s extensions impact Dario Saric and the Suns?

The 2 p.m. extension deadline for players on their rookie-scale extensions to sign new contracts is behind us. Dario Saric did not get a new contract. Still, from Buddy Hield to Jaylen Brown and Domantas Sabonis, we try to glean as much as possible from the new contracts signed around the NBA today.

How will this impact Saric? The Suns’ draft-night acquisition didn’t receive an extension before the deadline, so it’s time for him to prove himself to Suns GM James Jones. What does Saric need to do to receive a new contract from Phoenix in July?

Also, what type of salary figure makes the most sense for Saric if he does well in the Valley? It’s a pivotal year for not only the Suns to make a leap forward, but Saric to show why he deserves a nice payday.

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