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Locked On Suns Wednesday: Suns blast Kings to begin 2019-20 season

What a way to begin the season for the Phoenix Suns, winning 124-95 over the Kings.

How about that for a season opener? What an impressive performance from the Phoenix Suns in their 124-95 victory over the Sacramento Kings.

Continuing our usual format from last season with our free throws, flagrant fouls (luckily zero tonight), and stat to watch, we talk through all the key figures in the Suns’ season-opener. From Ricky Rubio’s brilliant debut to Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton’s noticeable developments, plenty stood out.

Now, the question is will the Suns keep this momentum up or will deja vu happen with this win mirroring last year’s dominant opening night victory over Dallas?

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