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Fanning the Flames Podcast: Are the Suns for real?

Have the Suns turned a corner? Or is it all smoke and mirrors?

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Phoenix Suns Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

For the better part of the past decade, Phoenix Suns fans have constantly found themselves asking questions about the direction of the team, who the top prospects are in the upcoming draft, etc. This year, the Suns sit at 6-3 overall, have beaten playoff-caliber teams, and have been competitive in all of their games. So, Suns fans find themselves asking an entirely different set of questions - in a good way. On this episode of Fanning the Flames, we delve into some of those burning questions, including:

  • Have we seen enough of the Suns to conclude that they have truly turned a corner?
  • Is the play of Devin Booker, Aron Baynes, and the team as a whole sustainable?
  • When Deandre Ayton returns, does he get his starting job back? Does he have to earn it back? Does he (gulp) start along side Baynes?
  • What will the Suns do through the remainder of this 6-game homestand?

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