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Suns Madhouse: Week of 11/15/19 - Phoenix. Keeps. Winning.

I’m going to tell you where the Phoenix Suns rank in the West. It’s a good number.

NBA: Preseason-Phoenix Suns at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports


Suns Stuff

I don’t know how to handle all this winning, guys. Man what a great week.

Sunday our squad trashed the New Jersey Nets of Brooklyn. Tuesday, the loss against the Lakers was watchable down to the final buzzer. Last night, more trash, this time of the Atlanta Hawks variety.

I’ll be honest friends, I’m gushing. I mean I love this s***. My friends are talking Phoenix Suns. Chatting, texting, emails. My WIFE is showing an interest. She told me her favorite player is going to be Aron Baynes and I DID NOT direct her otherwise.

I very well may have enjoyed the game against the Lakers more than the wins this week. We played a game of consequence against a LeBron James and Anthony Davis led Los Angeles Lakers team. Just having that to look forward to on the commute home from work was a treat.

Still, I think we’ll all agree that they should have won that game against Los Angeles. You know, you play well enough to be in the position to win in the final minutes, with LeBron shooting 2 of 7 from the line and the Lakers shooting under 50% from the charity stripe. Yeah, they probably should have won that one.

Man, how good was Baynes in that one? The guy is having a career year by any measure. I’ve already told you entirely too many times that I’m beaming over this squad, but realistically I can’t think that his numbers are sustainable. If by some minor miracle he keeps it, you talk about a tough out in the playoffs.

And speaking of the playoffs, yeah we’re already playoffs. where do we sit in the West? How real do you think all of this is?

Delivered without hyperbole, Phoenix legitimately the sixth best team in the West. AT LEAST.

The five in front are Lakers, Clips, Rockets, Nuggets, Jazz. And I think Phoenix may be better than Utah.

Don’t tell me I can’t say these things after 11 games. I’ve given up on Phoenix teams in fewer games than that. Remember the 50th anniversary “celebration?”

To be fair, I do think that smoothly incorporating DeAndre Ayton back into the flow may present a challenge. But come on, once he starts clicking with Rubio this is going to be a dangerous team.

Ok, we need to talk about the most important thing going on. Your boy




It would behoove you to call friends, family, classmates, fellow parishoners, your barber, your HOA president, and anyone who will listen that you read a guy who lives in Nevada and writes nonsense about Phoenix who has accurately called the Suns record through every week of the season so far.

Oh, yes. Last week I told you when we next conversed that our favorite team would be 7-4. I was right, guys. I did it. I don’t know what it is, I guess I’m just gifted.

So let’s see. We’re going to chat next on Friday the 22nd. And your Suns will be......

Wow. Nine and five. What charmed lives we live.

NBA Stuff

Melo’s in Portland.

Some people are not crazy about how TNT is choosing to display the shot clock on the floor.

Draymond Green isn’t fazed by all the losing in Golden State.

The Houston Rockets traded Chris Paul to the Oklahoma State Thunder. And that hurt Chris Paul’s feelings.

The booing was real when Kristaps Porzingis made his return to New York City.

NBA League Pass knows that you’re trying to cheat the system and they are not having it.

Hey, Jermaine O’Neal is selling his house. Here’s what it looks like.

Potential number one overall pick James Wiseman out of Memphis has been declared ineligible. But we don’t really care about that because we are not a team that competes for the number one overall pick anymore. ARE WE?

My Stuff

What I’m reading: Underworld by Don Delillo. Will probably be reading this one for the next couple weeks.

What I’m playing: In the “something I absolutely don’t need department,” I bit the bullet and bought a used PS4 for the exclusives. Tell me what I need to play.

What I’m listening to: Nothing new. As usual, recs appreciated.

What I’m watching: Suns, VGK. That’s it. Loving this new life where Phoenix basketball matters again.

What I’m Thinking

I kind of have an interesting thing going on in my life.

So, my neighborhood is served by a homeowner’s association. I have served on a variety of committees since I’ve lived here. Stuff like planning events, approving various policies and procedures, telling a dude ‘no you cannot decorate the exterior of your home entirely in lava rock.’ By the way that really happened.

So this year there were three seats open on the Board of Directors. I’m talking about the big HOA. There are about 30 communities, each served by a “sub-association.” I ran for the board of the bigger one that manages the larger community. Almost 6,000 homes.

So at election night, which is a big deal here, they ratified the budget proposed by the prior board. It included about a $10 a month increase. After that they announced the “new” board. Two guys were reelected. I was the only new name. So I’m the new vice-president for an HOA of almost 6,000.

Well, evidently a lot of home owners didn’t know about the ten buck bump and they flipped. I mean I knew about it. Because I read my mail. Legally the HOA has to mail all that stuff out.

So as of this morning, Thursday morning, there is a significant groundswell of support for engaging in a very lengthy and very expensive recall election. To throw out the board. Including me. The VP. Who has been in that role for /checks watch/ about 26 hours.

Anyway, I know a lot of you guys don’t care, but I thought someone here may find it interesting. It is suburban drama at the highest level. There is a circus for kids this weekend. Those wanting to throw out the BOD are talking about making their presence know there. With signs. On sticks. So imagine if you will. Keith, his beautiful 17-month-old daughter. Picket signs. Clowns. Oh, it’s a scene man.

Nine and five. Book it. We’ll talk next week.

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