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Suns unveil new City Edition jersey

Phoenix brings back the Los Suns kit this time in black.

The Los Suns return! After last season’s jersey was featured in multiple purple hues, Los Suns is back in black. For multiple games the rest of the 2019-20 campaign, Phoenix will wear these sweet looking new jerseys.

Another local cultural touch features the wording Somos PHX at the bottom of the jersey with the Arizona flag in purple and orange trim also on the shorts.

To be honest, these certainly look better than the 2018-19 City Edition. Maybe I’m more simple and prefer solid base colors, but those shorts are beautiful aren’t they?

There’s been no announcements yet for when these will be worn on the court, but expect it around five or so games.

Compared to other franchises with City Edition jerseys being a little too over the top, Phoenix fits perfectly in the middle. So, these definitely get Bright Side’s stamp of approval.

My one request: NBA, please bring back the purple sunburst jerseys sometime soon. And I think I’m speaking for all fans of the Suns here, too.

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