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Check out what Talking Stick Resort Arena will look like after renovations

The Suns unveiled more renderings from the renovations, which they are calling “Project 201.”

New Orleans Pelicans v Phoenix Suns Photo by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images

Last night just before tip-off of the Suns-Pelicans game downtown, the Suns unveiled more plans for the new-look Talking Stick Resort Arena.

The renovations, nicknamed “Project 201,” will mostly be made during the summer of 2020, after the end of this season. The changes include two new corner bars, ground-level suites facing the players’ entrance tunnel, and a state-of-the-art video board setup at mid-court.

Of course, what you all probably care most about is that last point. I know I do. At long last, the mock cellphone video boards will be gone. The Suns I’m sure earned a chunk of cash from Verizon for trying that gimmick out, but visiting fans have laughed at those silly screens for a long time.

The board in its place will change the entire experience of watching a game.

This will not only make keeping up with the action via replays and stats easier, but it will make the in-game experience for fans in the upper bowl far more fun. We’ve all sat in the nose-bleeds and squinted to keep track of the ball.

And that’s not to mention the new seats — with cushions and everything! — that will replace the stadium-style chairs in place now.

It’s not an exaggeration to say the arena will look and feel entirely different. “Terrace suites” will butt up against the lower bowl and bring lounging fans closer to the action.

Finally, season-ticket holders (or I guess they’re called PayPal Sixth Men now?) will have access to two new VIP clubs and an exclusive area coined “1968” in homage to the Suns’ first season. The 1968 club will be down below ground, where the practice court currently sits.

As Phoenix changes from a sprawling, suburban community to a blooming metropolis (wishful thinking?), the Suns are trying to keep up. It doesn’t look like they’re infringing upon any seats currently in place and the experience should continue to be affordable for the average Phoenician, but they are obviously also trying to cater to their more boujee fans.

We’re less than a year away from getting to enjoy these amenities. Who’s ready?

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