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Locked On Suns Wednesday: Zach Milner of The Stepien on Cam Johnson and Ty Jerome

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Johnson and Jerome were labeled as NBA-ready prospects. So far, that’s proven to be the case.

After the 2019 draft back in June, Zach Milner of The Stepien joined to discuss why Cameron Johnson and Ty Jerome made sense in Phoenix. A quarter of the way through their rookie seasons, we brought Zach back on to assess what we have seen from both rookies thus far.

Johnson certainly looks the part of a plug-and-play wing, but he’s surprisingly holding up well in an area we originally doubted. Meanwhile, as Jerome settles in, we wonder what his most optimal role is with the Suns.

Stick around for some early 2020 draft talk, too! Who makes sense for Phoenix, if they keep their pick?

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