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Suns fans are starting to lose faith, hoops fans surprised by the Warriors

No one expected the Warriors to be this bad. Meanwhile, some of you are losing faith in the Suns.

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Phoenix Suns v Golden State Warriors Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Everyone just hold your horses. After weeks of every Suns FanPulse respondent saying they were confident in the direction of the team, we actually had to change our question!

We sent the powers that be a new question to ask: “Are you confident the Suns will make the playoffs?”

The answers were much better. Read about that here. Thanks. This week, we went back to the question everyone else asks, and to my surprise, you are already jumping off the bandwagon.

How quickly things change. A few losses and suddenly you guys don’t think things are going the right way. A quick reminder: The Suns are still in line for the playoffs. All the teams behind them are trash right now.

At the same time, they are building habits and seeing development from key players. Their cap sheet is mostly clean. A new general manager nailed a new coach hire, and they’re getting an overhauled arena next summer. I don’t get it.

Don’t lose faith. It makes sense to wonder about the playoffs, but the long-term future of the team is as strong as ever.

The same is true for the Warriors, which the broader NBA community named as the most disappointing team of the season. After five straight NBA Finals appearances, they lost Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson and then also Steph Curry. They’re rolling out a bunch of G Leaguers right now as their roster returns to full health.

As company, they have actually quite a few playoff mainstays who have faltered in the fall of 2019.

What say you? The Thompson injury was obviously going to hurt, and Portland’s offseason sucked. My answer probably would have been San Antonio.

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Back next week for more.

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