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Fanning the Flames: Snow, losses and mysterious body part injuries

Paul and Justin tackle the most interesting questions about the Phoenix Suns during this hellish losing streak

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Atlanta Hawks Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Sixteen losses in a row makes the snow here in Phoenix seem kind of poetic.

But in times like these, we don’t get down, we get creative. So, this week we bring in friend of the pod, scratch golfer, and - most importantly - Nuggets fan Bill McElroy. Why is it important that he’s a Nuggets fan? Well, the Phoenix Suns aren’t winning on their own, so maybe we can steal some mojo from his Nuggets. Listen in as we:

- Each predict how many more games the Suns will win this year;

- Have our annual “what’s up with T.J. Warren’s [insert body part here]” conversation; and

- let Bill take over a segment and fire some questions at us from an outsider’s perspective.

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