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Get your Kelly Oubre Jr. ‘Tsunami Papi’ shirt right here for less

The Suns latest breakout player is Kelly Oubre Jr., also known as Tsunami Papi

These shirts are now in the Suns team shop, but they were born here on Bright Side!

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Kelly Oubre Jr. is the latest breakout star of the Phoenix Suns. A mid-season acquisition, Oubre has claimed a starting role on the Suns and led them to big wins in recent days.

Oubre wants to be a long-term member of the Suns organization, wants to help raise Arizona from the ashes.

“Why would I go anywhere else?” Oubre said when asked if Phoenix was his preferred destination across the entire NBA.

He even got some MVP chants on Monday night as he closed out the win against the East-leading Bucks.

“Just Phoenix man,” he said of the MVP chants. “Showing love to the kid.”

Special for BRIGHT SIDE

We helped design the shirt, which is fully NBPA approved.

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