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Suns latest loss summed up in two interviews

The Phoenix Suns keep losing games and the pattern is obvious to everyone, including most of the players.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

I could write all day about how the Phoenix Suns once again had a win within reach but then lost their focus, gave up a big run to the other team, and never truly challenged for the win again.

But all you need to do is listen to these two interviews to learn the whole story.

Quick recap on the Suns loss to the Pelicans that preceded these interviews: The Suns had a 7-point lead late in the second quarter, but then had an 11-point deficit only a few minutes later, and never got the deficit to less than 7 points the rest of the way.

Here’s 20 year old rookie center Deandre Ayton on what happened.

So Ayton doesn’t know how the Suns lost that game — a common theme of his when the crowd is into it at some points and the team has stretches of playing well.

And here’s seven-year NBA veteran Troy Daniels on what he sees, which isn’t much different than mid-year acquisitions Kelly Oubre Jr. and Troy Daniels have expressed in recent weeks.

Year over year for Daniels, the coaching staff is completely different and half the roster is different. The only mainstays are Daniels and a bunch of super-young kids who don’t know how to win.

This next interview was Troy Daniels two months ago, talking about the Suns lack of effort early in the season. before they won five of seven games in mid-December. He’s not saying the SAME things, at least. He’s no longer questioning effort and professionalism.

Maybe the Suns should have a bit more consistency? Or should they start over again?

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