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Booker explodes for season high 59 going solo against the Jazz

Now Devin Booker and Tom Chambers are the only two players in Suns history who scored 50+ in multiple games in a Suns uniform.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

At halftime, Devin Booker had 27 of the Suns 43 total points. By mid-third quarter, it was 35 of their 55 points. By the end of the third, he was at 47 of their 74.

Meanwhile, the Suns were down by about 20 for just about the while second half, so the game was meaningless except for Booker’s second-ever 50+ point game.

None of the other Suns players could hit a shot, or at least that’s what it felt like. Mikal Bridges and Jimmer Fredette combined to miss three straight open threes in the corner that were spoon fed by a triple-teamed Booker, then Elie Okobo missed one from the top of the key.

The Jazz just dominated the game, and the second half wasn’t ever in doubt.

Jim-ofer-dette missed every dang shot, no matter how excited the Jazz fans were for him to hit ANYTHING. Unbelievable.

Fredette missed his first EIGHT shots of the game — all wiiiiide open — until finally making a pair of free throws.

The Jazz crowd had a lot more fun than I did, cheering every time Booker or Jimmer touched the ball.

Booker even scored his final bucket while being TRIPLE TEAMED by the Jazz, who kept starters like Ricky Rubio and Rudy Gobert in the game to help defend Booker, who was the primary defensive assignment of Joe Ingles or Royce O’Neale all night.

And then, to cap off this shit show of a game, Fredette decided to make the final minute about him rather than feeding Devin Booker for a final shot to get him over 60 points (Booker was at 59 the whole time).

And then, with 21 seconds left, the Jazz fouled the first player they could foul that wasn’t named Booker, just so Booker wouldn’t get 60.

I mean, I don’t give a crap if Booker gets 60. I just think it’s hilarious that 59 is better than 60 for some reason. HE STILL ROASTED YOU FOR 59.

I’m really actually mad that I had to watch this terrible terrible effort by non-Booker players to the final buzzer because they weren’t even trying.

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