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Locked On Suns Friday: Exposing bad Booker takes, Zion vs. Ja, and Ayton’s trajectory with Max from the 7SOL podcast

The national media doesn’t know what they are talking about with Devin Booker, but we do.

On today’s episode, Max from the 7SOL pod joins to discuss plenty of topics, including analyzing one of the worst Devin Booker takes we’ve ever heard from a national writer. Outside of the wrong view of Booker nationally, what’s stood out most during his scoring binge since the All-Star break?

Kelly Oubre Jr. seems ready to commit long-term to the Suns, but what will the price be? We go over that while also recapping his impressive season in Phoenix.

Zion Williamson and Ja Morant shouldn’t be in the same room, as far as better prospects go, but many Suns fans are trying to make it into a debate. What stands out about both, though, and how could they improve the team? Also, would you trade Morant’s rights for Jrue Holiday or keep the pick?

Finally, we quickly go over the growth process Deandre Ayton has endured this season. What should the expectations be for Ayton during his second season?

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