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An Easter egg hunt for Suns fans

A fan Suns game to play during your Easter Sunday.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Golden State Warriors Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Easter!

Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, you can appreciate the silliness that is the Easter “mascot”. Somehow we are led to believe that Easter is best repped by a fluffy white bunny. Not a brown bunny, like the Velveteen Rabbit. But a white one, with a cotton tail and all. And this bunny usually wears a cute brightly-colored fitted jacket, potentially the inspiration of some of Russell Westbrook’s wardrobe.

On top of that, we are to believe that this Easter Bunny runs around hiding eggs throughout our properties. We are not told how the bunny gets all these eggs, since bunnies don’t lay eggs. Then again, if it was the Easter Chicken hiding eggs throughout your house, we’d have to call him or her a murderer. And that wouldn’t do.

So, here we are.

On Easter, repped by a fluffy white bunny that’s supposed to hide eggs from you. Early on, the surprise was simply the joy of finding them — either right away, or after they rotted — in a place you never thought to look. These days, clever parents use plastic, pre-colored eggs and fill them with candy or coins to make the surprise even greater. And, they don’t spoil if unfound. The older the kids gets, the more difficult the hiding places.

My kids are all grown up now, and though they’d still love to hunt eggs if the surprise was worth it, we don’t do hunts any more. If we’re lucky, we congregate to a family home for a nice meal to catch up.

Today, I thought I’d give you, my favorite faceless Suns fans, your own Easter Egg hunt!

In every month of the season, I’ll hide two easter eggs for you find. One will be for the casual fan, and one for the more advanced.

I give a clue (the hunt), and you’ll find the answer (the egg) and leave it in the comment section.

NOW HERE’S THE RULES (from a dad of three kids of varying detective skills):

  • You can only answer TWO of the questions and no more. Don’t spoil it for everyone else by winning all the eggs before anyone else even starts the hunt
  • That’s it. That’s the only rule


Let’s go!


  1. In which game did the Suns drain more threes than any other game this season, and how many threes did they make?
  2. Who was the Suns’ second leading assist man in October, and how many assists per game did he have?


  1. What was the Suns’ largest, latest lead (in terms of points and game time) in the overtime loss to Boston?
  2. Which Suns players made at least 36% of their threes in November?


  1. Who was second on the team in assists per game in December, and what did he average?
  2. Did the Suns win more road games or home games in December?


  1. How many last-minute losses did the Suns suffer in January, and to who?
  2. Which Conference leader did the Suns beat in January, and who was the leading scorer?


  1. How many times in franchise history has the team needed a win on the very last game in a month to avoid that month being winless for that month? And who were the Suns coaches?
  2. Which player was second in rebounds per game for the Suns in February, and how many did he average?


  1. Who were the Conference leaders the Suns beat in March and who were the Suns scoring leaders in each game?
  2. Which players averaged better than 36% on threes in March?


  1. Who was the Suns’ leading scorer in April, and by how much over the second-leading scorer for the month?
  2. How many players appeared in all five April games, and who were they?

Remember, don’t answer more than TWO of these questions yourself. Save some for all the others.

And if you want to ADD questions, go right ahead!

Happy hunting!

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