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Indiana artist commemorates Larry Nance in 1984 Slam Dunk Contest with latest work

And it can be yours.

An artist from the Hoosier State elected to make former Phoenix Suns All-Star Larry Nance the subject of his latest work, and the results are gorgeous.

Pierick Smith creates spectacular works of art, favoring icons of the sports world. From Michael Jordan to Allen Iverson, NBA fans in particular will appreciate the tremendous detail Smith puts into each piece.

His latest is arguably his best. Here’s Larry Nance throwing it down in the 1984 Slam Dunk Contest.

Nance was the first winner of the NBA’s Slam Dunk Contest. “The High-Ayatolla of Slamola” advanced to the finals ahead of Dominique Wilkins, Darrell Griffith, Edgar Jones, Ralph Sampson, Orlando Woolridge, Clyde Drexler, and Michael Cooper. He bested Philadelphia 76ers legend Julius Erving in the finals.

Take a close look and you’ll see Smith’s work features 80’s icons watching from the stands as Nance elevates. My favorite is probably the dog from Duck Hunt.

Your pal Keith has been in contact with Smith’s people and verified that prints of the Nance piece will be made available for purchase. Until then be sure to follow Pierick on Twitter at Pierick_Smith and check out his other work at

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