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There’s no debate needed: Zion Williamson to the Suns has to happen

Zion will be a Sun if they land No. 1 again. Mark it down.

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The Phoenix Suns are once again in the lottery this year after an abysmal season, but the team’s fortune seems to be looking up. The team has a 14% chance to land the top pick in the lottery and 40.1% chance to end up with a top three pick this year, tied with the Knicks and Cavaliers for best odds.

The prize for that top team is Duke’s Zion Williamson, the overwhelming favorite in this draft. However, there have been rumors of the Suns looking at someone else if it got the first pick.

Murray State’s point guard Ja Morant is the top point guard in this draft and a consensus top three player. It’s no secret the Suns desperately need help at the point guard position and there has been people, most notably ESPN’s Jon Barry, who think the Suns should get him over Williamson (suggesting to trade the top pick to snatch Morant).

Now, I have no source within the Suns organization to see if the team has any feeling one way or the other about Morant vs. Williamson. Even if the team does feel a certain way about them, it won’t matter until May 14th during the lottery. The Suns luck might go so poorly that the team ends up with the seventh overall pick. But if Phoenix gets the top pick, there shouldn’t be any debate over who to pick, it has to be Zion Williamson.

Williamson is an elite athlete who can play both sides of the ball at a high level. When he’s driving, he’s a freight train running down the lane and has flash and finesse to go with his 6-foot-7, 285 pound frame. His mixture of talent and athletic ability is extremely rare for his build. With it, he seems built to thrive in the modern positionless NBA.

Yes, his shot isn’t great but that’s something he can and will work on. Having him and Deandre Ayton both on the floor would clog the paint but head coach Monty Williams will be able to get the most out of them. Also with Devin Booker, Kelly Oubre and the team’s new point guard, there should be enough playmakers to help open up the paint for the two to work in.

With Booker, Ayton and Williamson, the Suns easily have the best young core out there. That, plus the respect that Williams commands around the league, could definitely turn the Suns into a free agent destination.

Obviously, the Suns would still need to fill in its point guard role, but there’s plenty of free agents who’d probably love the opportunity to play with Zion. That alone makes Zion such a can’t miss pick.

Not only is Williamson a good player and has limitless potential, he’s already a brand name. He can sell out arenas just from his name as the walking highlight reel he is. He feels like a once-in-a-generation player. While Morant is very talented, I don’t think I can say the same about him.

I don’t want this to come off like I don’t like Morant or think he’s bad, because I think in any other draft, the Suns should do everything it can to get him. He’s an amazing passer who with Ayton, could rip teams apart with pick and rolls. Williamson also finishes strong at the rim and has a great shot, too.

If James Jones falls in love with his offensive skills and his ability to raise the play of his teammates, I wouldn’t blame them for picking him. It’s tough to watch him play and not think he’s perfect to run a fast pace offense with Booker.

He’s probably the most elite offensive player in this draft since he has that shot, something Williamson will have to work on. His defense isn’t as great as Williamson, who could guard probably every position beside center but he’s easily the guy I’d want the Suns to pick if they lose the Zion sweepstakes.

In any other year, Morant should be the top pick for the Suns but not this year.

Williamson is perhaps the most hyped player to come out of college since Anthony Davis. He’s a star without even touching the court yet. Williamson is the clear cut best player in this draft and if the Suns get the first pick, there’s no debate on who the team should pick.

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