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Locked On Suns Wednesday: Zion would have looked great in purple and orange

Our takeaways from the Suns falling to No. 6 in the NBA Draft. What does this mean moving forward?

On today’s episode, we talk our way through what just happened to the Phoenix Suns. After winning only 19 games this season, they unfortunately now don’t even have a top-5 selection falling to No. 6 overall. This had the highest probability of happening, but this scenario puts Phoenix in a predicament.

If the Suns stay where they are, there are five prospects who we believe check boxes: Jarrett Culver, Darius Garland, De’Andre Hunter, Brandon Clarke, and Coby White. Would drafting either of these players be enough to sell to a fan base looking for immediate improvement?

Also, how will this impact possible trades? If they stayed at No. 3, the value would have been more than it is now because of RJ Barrett. All of the sudden, Phoenix is picking in the third or fourth tier of prospects.

Two teams to keep an eye on with draft day wheeling-and-dealing involving the Suns’ selection: Memphis (Mike Conley) and Orlando (Aaron Gordon).

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