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Locked On Suns Monday: Surveying the post-AD trade landscape of the draft with Kellan Olson

We analyze how the deal affects the Suns and who might be available at No. 6 with the fourth pick going to the Pelicans.

Kellan Olson, the Suns reporter over at Arizona Sports, jumps on the show to reset the draft’s top questions in the aftermath of the Anthony Davis trade.

We look at what could happen with the fourth pick after it changes hands from Los Angeles to New Orleans, as well as what the Suns’ plan appears to be at No. 6.

We also touch on the growing rumors of D’Angelo Russell being available in free agency as a result of Kyrie Irving heading to Brooklyn, and why the Suns would be smart to get involved.

Finally, our top questions with four days remaining until draft day.

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