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Odds: Who do the Suns select at No. 6?

We’re running short on time, get those bets in.

Beyond Sport United Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

You are a Phoenix Suns fan and quite possibly a degenerate gambler. The information below is absolutely information you need.

Spoiler alert ahead. Your Phoenix Suns are not going to acquire a franchise changer with the number six overall pick in Thursday’s NBA Draft. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. has all the info needed to make the night interesting. First the easy stuff:

Player taken No. 1 overall

Zion Williamson -10000

Field +2000

Player taken No. 2 overall

Ja Morant -5000

Field +1500

Player taken No. 3 overall

RJ Barrett -1500

Field +575

For the uninformed, that means that Vegas feels very confident that Zion Williamson, Ja Morant, and RJ Barrett go 1-2-3 in Brooklyn.

Then it gets interesting.

Will the New Orleans Pelicans trade the No. 4 pick?

Yes -200

No +150

If you’ve not yet been told, New Orleans acquired the No. 4 pick in the blockbuster trade that sent Anthony Davis to the Lakers. The Pelicans also hold the top pick in the draft.

So there’s plenty of options regarding what will happen at No. 4.

Player taken No. 4 overall

Jarrett Culver +110

De’Andre Hunter +120

Darius Garland +180

R.J. Barrett +700

Colby White +2500

Field +3300

So now we get to number six. Here’s who Vegas thinks will be hovering in that range.

Jarrett Culver draft position

Over 5.5 -180

Under 5.5 +140

De’Andre Hunter draft position

Over 5.5 -160

Under 5.5 +120

Darius Garland draft position

Over 5.5 -500

Under 5.5 +300

Coby White draft position

Over 7.5 -250

Under 7.5 +170

And here’s a couple other fun ones.

How many trades will there be on Draft Day?

Over 4.5 +110

Under 4.5 -140

How many foreign-born (non-U.S.) players will be drafted during Round 1?

Over 7.5 -130

Under 7.5 -110

We will see what happens. The 2019 NBA Draft from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York gets underway at 7:30p ET. You can watch it on ESPN, which you probably don’t care about because of cellphones and Twitter and whatnot. Have fun.

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