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Could Spencer Dinwiddie want the Suns?

The Nets might be signing Kyrie Irving while keeping D’Angelo Russell on max deals. Can they afford to keep Dinwiddie too?

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Brooklyn Nets Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

The other day, a rumor spread that the Suns wanted to trade their 582nd straight top-6 draft pick — destined to be another post-pubescent pock-marked kid years away from car rental eligibility — for a veteran who already knows how to the play game of NBA basketball.

Of course, local radio host John Gambadoro shot that rumor down so quick it barely got off the ground.

Hell no, the Suns aren’t interested in trading for a veteran who can actually run an offense! They’d much rather bring in another kid that needs years to develop, while spending all their free agent money on promoting a backup-caliber point to their starting position for a few years until a better plan comes along.

Count the Nets’ Spencer Dinwiddie among those who potentially hoped the Suns would trade that No. 6 pick for a veteran just itching for a starting job.

Dinwiddie is following Suns rumors?! How else could an NBA basketball player based on 3,000 miles away pick up on a tweet from a Phoenix-area radio host?

Dinwiddie just signed an affordable 4-year extension last spring with the Nets, but strong rumors are spreading that they might target Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving in free agency to play next to potential “Most Improved Player” De’Angelo Russell in a two-playmaker back court of the present and future.

Even if Irving doesn’t take the Nets money, they still appear to favor Russell as their starter, and might offer Russell a maximum extension off his rookie deal, an extension likely to double Dinwiddie’s salary.

If that happens, Dinwiddie would have no path to a starting position in the foreseeable future, so he might be hoping for a trade to a point guard starved team on which he could play 35-plus minutes a night for the length of his contract.

Could those thoughts be focused on the Suns? Mayyyyybe.

There’s a 99.9% chance someone was having fun with editing tools (editor’s note: it was photoshopped by Suns Reddit), but wouldn’t that have been the ultimate troll job by Dinwiddie?

Should he be using social media to try to force GM Sean Marks’ hand the way Eric Bledsoe may have done a couple years ago to Ryan McDonough?

Folks, Dinwiddie almost certainly is staying in Brooklyn right where he belongs, no matter what happens this summer in free agency.

His contract is excellent for a high level backup point guard — only $33 million over the next three years.

Sure, the Nets have Russell up for an extension, as well as Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, but the rest of their primary rotation pieces are still on extremely affordable deals for the next year anyway, and even then they get Allen Crabbe coming off the books.

Look elsewhere, Suns fans. The Nets are too smart to let Dinwiddie go.

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