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Locked On Suns Monday: Do the Suns have to worry about Devin Booker in the age of player movement?

Booker is probably far away from demanding a trade or becoming frustrated, but with his second contract starting this season, the clock is ticking.

With superstars like Kyrie Irving, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler ushering in a more sudden and unexpected version of NBA player empowerment, we dive into whether the Suns are in danger of Devin Booker following suit.

How soon could it happen for Booker? Do his relationships around the NBA help or hurt the Suns? Did this summer change anything regarding the team’s relationship with him or his involvement in behind-the-scenes recruiting?

We dive into where Booker stacks up among the next possible disgruntled pre-agents and what the Suns are doing to avoid that situation.

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