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The Madhouse - Week of 7/19/2019

The Madhouse makes it triumphant return.

2019 Las Vegas Summer League - San Antonio Spurs v Phoenix Suns Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

The Madhouse is back.

Last week I asked BSOTS’s esteemed editor Dave King if I could pick up where Mike Lisboa left off. Graciously, he said I could. So we are going to do this on Fridays until I get disinterested or Dave says, “Keith you really, really shouldn’t have posted that.”

If you enjoy this format, please say so in the comments. Logically, it is the best indicator of determining how many calories I should burn putting it together, but more importantly there is nothing I value more than the opinions of strangers on the internet.


Well Summer League is over. Your Suns went 3-1. Which is.....fine. Those three wins mean we can call Phoenix the winningest (not a word) team in Summer League history. As of Friday the 19th we don’t yet have a date for the banner hanging ceremony.

If the 2019-20 NBA campaign bears resemblance to the last few seasons of Phoenix Suns basketball you can expect the team to make a strong run at remaining on top of the Summer League heap.

You know what, that’s not fair.

I mean they won three games without these guys:

And this guy got a job:

And this guy looked good:

So after a couple free agent moves, we’re left with this:

That’s at least interesting enough for me to be interested in opening night.


The Memphis Grizzlies beat the Minnesota Timberwolves to win the 2019 Summer League Championship, but do not have the most wins in Summer League history.

Brandon Clarke of the Grizzlies was named MVP.

James Harden bought a stake in the Houston Dynamo of the MLS and guaranteed that a Rockets NBA title would happen “very, very soon.”

Kawhi Leonard sued Nike during the NBA Finals. Nike countersued this week.

University of Evansville legend Jerry Sloan is not in good health.

The Thunder are having trouble moving Chris Paul. League sauces think he’ll start the season in Oklahoma City.

Darren Collison retired from the NBA, reminding me that Darren Collison still played in the NBA.

Kyle Lowry had surgery on his injured thumb, and based on Kyle Lowry’s playoff history and the 2019 NBA finals, I think he should just leave the thumb alone.


What I’m reading: White Noise, Don DeLillo

What I’m watching: My White Sox haven’t won since the All-Star Break so i suppose I’ll start watching my wife’s Angels. Also might start True Detective.

What I’m playing: Strikers 1945 and Gunbird in tate mode on the Nintendo Switch with a Flip Grip.

That’s all I have. Thanks for reading every single word and not skipping around.

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