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Deandre Ayton showing off that three-pointer at The Crawsover

Deandre Ayton showed up at Jamal Crawford’s Crawsover Pro-Am league this weekend to put on a show.

Wondering what the Suns young fella Deandre Ayton has been doing all summer?

Worried that he pulled a Marquese Chriss and ballooned up by eating too much and working out too little?

Wondering if he’s ever (as if you can say the word ‘ever’ about a 21 year old!) going to add that devastating, floor-spacing three point shot?

Have no fears!

The Phoenix Suns 21-year old center Deandre Ayton is indeed showing off some range in live game action up in Seattle at Jamal Crawford’s annual ‘The Crawsover’ summer league get together of pickup games with various NBA players, wannabes, and even some weekend LA Fitness regulars.

NBA players have been showing up at these things for decades to keep their skills sharp and add new ones when the games don’t count. They’re the pickups in Los Angeles, Drew League matchups, Crawford’s Crawsover league, and many more scattered around the country.

Here you go, basketball-starved Suns fans!

Imagine Ricky Rubio dropping off that pick-and-pop next year, followed the next possession with Ayton diving hard to the rim. The defense won’t know what to do, which will give Ayton ample time to get off that slower release until he can perfect it.

He turns his body to the right a bit, instead of staying square, which is how he’s been shooting them his whole life. The release is a bit slow, which gives defenders more time to rush him and force indecision, and the shot arc is a bit flatter than you’d like, but if he can make them in games then he’s just that much more dangerous.

With that being said, though, the over exaggeration with his leg kick we sometimes saw at the University of Arizona seems to be going away.

Ayton reportedly posted 22 points and 18 rebounds in the game.

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