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Locked On Suns Wednesday: The best and worst-case scenarios for the Suns this season

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It’s time to run through all of these scenarios across the roster. How will it go for Phoenix?

The 2019-20 season is setting up to be one filled with improvement for the Phoenix Suns. However, what do these possible scenarios look like? It’s time to analyze them all from opposite spectrums.

Will the new additions like Ricky Rubio and Dario Saric adjust well? If so, how will that change the Suns’ offense? What’s the next leap look like for Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton?

This exercise really helps solidify what a realistic ceiling and floor could be for the upcoming season. No surprise, a lot of it relies on the success of their two franchise pillars aided by a newfound roster balance.

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