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Locked On Suns Monday: Grading Devin Booker on a star curve and what’s next for the Suns with Matt Moore of The Action Network

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Matt joins the show to discuss his breakdown of Devin Booker this month as well as where he sees the Suns going from here.

We combine the end of our summer guest series with the beginning of our season preview content in September by bringing on Matt Moore to discuss Devin Booker and the 2019-20 Suns.

Booker is a gifted shooter and improving playmaker, but to truly get to a superstar level and provide value on his maximum contract, he has to continue to make his teammates better. What improvements will help him do it more consistently?

The conversation around Booker leads to a discussion of how the Suns tried to maximize him and Deandre Ayton this summer and what the team might look like this season.

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