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Suns hire G League veteran Jeff Feld to run NAZ Suns, promote Dylan DeBusk to Personnel Analyst

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The Suns announced the move Thursday as they finalize their basketball operations department under James Jones.

Texas Legends v Northern Arizona Suns Photo by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images

As the Suns build out a proper G League program out of their affiliate, the Northern Arizona Suns, they have stabilized the front office up north by hiring a new general manager and promoting the interim to a more prominent place in the Suns’ organization.

Jeff Feld, veteran of the G League’s Windy City Bulls and NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers, will take over as general manager of the NAZ squad. He will replace Dylan DeBusk, a young member of the front office who was appointed to run NAZ after Louis Lehman was ousted just before the start of the 2018-19 season. Feld brings far more experience than either Lehman or DeBusk, and will likely come to Prescott Valley with a clear idea of how to use a G League team for the benefit of the entire organization broadly.

As a basketball operations coordinator with the Cavaliers, Feld won the 2016 NBA championship. Prior to that, he helped lead the Canton Charge to the G League conference finals as assistant general manager.

One sign of the further stability James Jones is trying to bring to the Suns with moves like these is that DeBusk will remain involved with NAZ. As part of his duties as personnel analyst, which were announced in conjunction with Feld’s hiring, DeBusk will still oversee the NAZ program as G League operations manager.

At the end of the bench still will sit Bret Burchard, one of the longest-tenured members of the Suns’ organization overall who took over as NAZ head coach last season.

“As an affiliate of the Phoenix Suns, the Northern Arizona Suns play a key role in player development and we value what Bret can do to help all of the players that don a Northern Arizona Suns jersey,” DeBusk said at the time. “We are confident in Bret’s abilities to lead this franchise and are excited to see the progress that we make in year two.”

DeBusk has been involved in front office activities all summer, signaling a larger role after taking over as NAZ GM last season. After graduating college at Arizona State in 2012, DeBusk has skyrocketed up the pro hoops ranks and was around Jones and his staff as they scouted draft prospects earlier this summer.

Alongside Feld and Jones, it appears DeBusk is building out the G League program in a way that can further supplement and assist the Phoenix organization broadly.