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Fanning the Flames Podcast: Booker hate, Baynes love, and the absurdity of Iso Joe returning to the Suns

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Why is Devin Booker a media target?

Phoenix Suns v Detroit Pistons Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

For a while now, the Phoenix Suns have been the source of ridicule and bad takes by national - and local - media. This week has been no exception as we’ve seen articles questioning whether winning more games will actually be good for the Suns (yes, it will), suggesting the Suns sign Joe Johnson (too little, too late for that one), and identifying potential trade destinations for Devin Booker (really!?).

On this episode of Fanning the Flames, we are joined by Greg Esposito (@Espo on Twitter) as we:

- Rant and rave about clickbait and bad takes; - Discuss why the Suns and Booker are constant media targets; and

- (On a happier note) explore the immediate love that Suns fans are giving Aron Baynes.

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