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Suns fans believe time is running out for Phoenix in the playoff race; NBA heads want Kevin Love out of Cleveland

Our latest FanPulse results show extreme pessimism when it comes to the Suns and interest in Kevin Love’s destination.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Denver Nuggets Photo by Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images

The Suns have lost 20 of their past 29 games. The defense is awful. The return of Deandre Ayton did not give the Suns the boost they hoped for. Things are bleak in the Valley.

Fans seem to agree.

This week’s SB Nation NBA FanPulse results show a roaring 75 percent of you guys believe the Suns will not make the playoffs. As you know if you’ve seen anything I’ve written or said lately, I agree. The Suns do not look like a playoff team.

Still, it’s crazy to see this many Suns fans in the “no” column despite the Suns being just 2.5 games out of the eighth seed in the Western Conference.

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As always, the FanPulse pollers at the mothership also polled hoops fans on the national goings on of the NBA. This week’s question centered around which player fans most want to see traded.

The answer, not surprisingly, was Kevin Love, who has turned into Anger from Get Out over the past several weeks as his relationship with new Cavs head coach John Belein moved from bad to awful. It seems NBA fans just want to #FreeKevin.

It seems highly unlikely the Pelicans would trade Jrue Holiday, and we’ve never seen a player in the first year of their rookie deal like Karl-Anthony Towns get traded. The more realistic names I would have liked to see on this list are Danilo Gallinari and Aaron Gordon, or even slightly longer shots like Russell Westbrook or CJ McCollum, just to have fun.

I just don’t see Holiday or Towns moving.

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